Our Mission

Coffee operates in the background of our lives.   It can start our day, energize the afternoon, fuel creativity, or offer a sense of comfort.  At Background Coffee Company we sell freshly roasted specialty coffee for every type of coffee drinker but it is what we do in the background that makes us different.  

Everyone has adversity in their lives, it is part of the human condition.  When you can accept and see everyone carries a weight, seen or not, young or old, rich or poor there is a level of kindness that is born from within.  It is an understanding that we are all connected.  At some point in our lives the weight we carry in the background can unexpectedly leap into the foreground, disrupting our lives, demanding all our attention, and present us with challenges that seem insurmountable.   It’s these types of moments that are the focus of Background Coffee Company. 

We are committed to using our passion, profits, and product to help ease these types of unexpected moments.  Our focus is childhood cancer, 50% of our proceeds go to LIVFREE.  They provide moments of joy to children and families battling pediatric cancer. These moments aren't fleeting; they create footholds of strength during a seemingly endless fight.

Background Coffee Company was founded on the principles of understanding, kindness, and action.  We invite you to come along with us and invest in hope one bean, one bag, one cup at a time.